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The membership and Board of the Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild (CHG) welcomes new members! The Guild serves textile artists from Atlanta and surrounding areas whose interests range from handweaving to feltmaking, handspinning, dyeing, beading, basketmaking, and beyond. CHG reflects the interests and concerns of the Atlanta area fine arts and crafts communities and represents and celebrates the common ground of endeavor for professional weavers, hobbyists, teachers, students and collectors of textiles. Guild members are inspired to reach for excellence, and Atlanta's cultural community is strengthened by CHG's vigorous and committed arts organization.

The Guild year begins July 1st and ends June 30th, and per the Guild bylaws, renewal memberships are due prior to the October Guild meeting. New members who join after January 1st pay one-half of the annual dues for membership through June 30th. Renewing members pay full dues regardless of when they renew their membership. Please see the membership fee schedule below:

Annual Membership Dues Existing Members New Members
who join

(Jul. 1 - Dec. 31)
New Members
who join

(Jan. 1 - Jun. 30)
Individual $40 $40 $20
Family $40 for first person plus $10 for each additional family member $40 for first person plus $10 for each additional family member $20 for first person plus $5 for each additional family member
Student $20 $20 $10

Members enjoy:

  • Monthly programs (except for July, August, and December)
  • Three workshops per year (reduced fees for Guild members)
  • Two to three mini-workshops per year (free for members)
  • Juried and non-juried exhibitions alternating yearly
  • Reduced fees for classes
  • The Helen Woolman library
  • Equipment rental
  • A monthly newsletter (except July and December)
  • Scholarships and awards
  • A Standards and Ratings program
  • Study groups
  • Access to the "Member's Only" portion of this website which includes the New Member's Folder, CHG bylaws, equipment and library listings, newsletter archives, Standards and Ratings and Scholarship information, and much more.

We welcome you to a world of fiber, fun, and friendship!

There are now two ways to apply! You can apply and even pay on-line now or you can print out and mail in the application. Select your desired option below:

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