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Standards and Ratings

CHG photoThe Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild offers a Standards and Ratings program to stimulate and encourage development of weaving skills and knowledge. Members who apply are provided with the requirements for the rating chosen (Apprentice or Journeyman), instructions for submission of work, and a list of evaluation criteria. Judges are fellow Guild members selected by the Standards and Ratings Chair (and known only to the Chair) and judging takes place once a year. Participation in the Standards and Ratings program is voluntary and is no way connected with membership status.

Congratulations to the following Apprentice and Journeyman Rating recipients:

Apprentice Rating Recipients Journeyman Rating Recipients
Jane Adams
Elaine Bradley
Judy Dysart
Carol Franklin
Linda Jarrett
Ellen Levy
Catherine Neiner
Lynn Pollard
Barbara Reamer
Carol Thompson
Dianne Totten
Nancy Fajman
Carol Franklin


To view details of the Standards and Ratings program and the Standards and Ratings Application Form click Members Only.


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