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Thrums are the unwoven yarn used to attach each warp to the front and back beams of the loom — thrums are extra and indispensible. Here, thrums are extra and indispensible information about CHG!


CHG publishes a monthly newsletter (except in July and December) which is posted in Members Only prior to each meeting. For those without internet connections, the newsletter is available via U.S. Mail. Full of photographs, details of upcoming events, and interesting articles, the newsletter keeps members informed and entertained. Archived newsletters are always available in Members Only.

Articles, photographs, weaving tips, and want ads are always welcome and may be emailed to


The Standards and Ratings Program is open to guild members who would like structured study guides to help them measure their progress as weavers and craftsmen.  Both the Apprentice and Journeyman certificates are available through the Guild. If you would like to participate in one of these programs, please contact the Education Department at


CHG members have access to the Helen Woolman library collection which is housed in the CHG classroom (Room 1 of the North DeKalb Cultural Center). This is an amazing resource, with over 650 magazines, books, sample notebooks, and videos. The library is open both before and after Guild meetings for members to browse, borrow and return materials. Library holdings are kept current through annual purchases and donations.


A new Tapestry Study Group has formed! Open to all CHG members who wish to participate, the meetings are informal and all skill levels are invited.  Meetings are generally held on  the second and fourth Thursday of each month in Room 4 of the North DeKalb Cultural Center from 10 am to 4 pm.  Email Terri Bryson for more information and upcoming meeting dates.


Outside of the CHG classroom is a display case purchased with Guild member donations in memory of Gwen Tweedy — one of CHG's oldest and longest-standing members. The initial display celebrated the Guild's 50th anniversary in 2005, and since then, displays have changed several times a year. Recent displays have featured student weavings, paper weaving, and Georgia National Fair winning entries. The Margaret Mott Award plaque is also permanently housed in the display case.

Southwest Fiber Arts AllianceSoutheast Fiber Arts Alliance (SEFAA)

The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is proud to be a founding member of the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance (SEFAA), a new nonprofit corporation dedicated to the fiber arts!

SEFAA’s goal is to provide non-accredited fiber arts education, exhibitions, encouragement, and inspiration for anyone with an interest in any aspect of the fiber arts. To do so, SEFAA will develop a permanent, purpose-build facility in Atlanta that will include meeting rooms, classrooms, a dye lab, a gallery/sales area, a library, storage space and, hopefully, artist’s studios. Envision a warm, welcoming, and creative atmosphere in which to enjoy a unique and all-encompassing fiber arts experience and you’ll understand SEFAA.

To join SEFAA as an individual member, to volunteer, to donate, or for more information email:


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